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The Vienna City Marathon 2015

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A 3 month preparation for this incredible event has already come to an end! The feelings are bitter sweet, since it was one of the best experiences of my life.

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What really made this special to me was the bet I had made with myself as running was never one of my favourite ways of exercising. As I have mentioned in a previous article (I can and I will…) I started running in February and I owed this to an incredible friend, Celia, who insisted I should add running to my life, as it would be a life changing hobby. As I am going through a big change in my life, moving to a different country I decided to have this bet with myself and complete my first marathon – half marathon to be precise (21km). Three months ago I first ran for 5km and I found it impossible to believe that I would be able to finish the whole 21km- that was the challenge though. I had to do it!! And I did it and I couldn’t be prouder…. And maybe it is the first time I say this to myself!!

If I did, everyone can do it!!!!!

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At the marathon you see different kinds of people young, old, skinny, super athletic and not so fit, so you get to realise that it all starts in the mind! It is all there.

During my training I never completed the whole 21km and I was really nervous on the day. On the 16th km I literally thought that my knees would break… there is something though that doesn’t let you stop ; and it’s probably the adrenaline and the feeling of competitiveness and completion.

3km before the finish line when I saw the sign I just got a natural boost and I doubled my pace even though I was in deep pain…. I cross the finish line at 2:20:57 and I cried, yes real tears from the pain maybe but also from the excitement…..They told me that there is a saying: THERE WILL BE DAYS THAT I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN REALLY RUN A MARATHON – THERE WILL BE A LIFETIME KNOWING THAT I HAVE!!

I feel that I might sound too much at times… yes I didn’t discover water on Mars, but for me it was a bet with myself that I won, I pushed myself to the limits, I realised the power of the mind, the benefits of running in my life not only to my body but especially to my mind, that nothing is impossible and I accomplished something that a few months ago was not even in my plans. So now I am ready for my next challenge… Life is beautiful as long as you believe in yourself…. Getting there!!

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I WAS PROUDLY SPONSORED BY OFID (OPEC FUND FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMNET). OFID works in cooperation with developing country partners and the international donor community to stimulate economic growth and alleviate poverty in all disadvantaged regions of the world. One of the most respected organisations based in Vienna, Austria. Also a major sponsor of the Vienna City Marathon and assisting in the fight against Ebola.  

The TDay note:

A record number of 42.742 runners attended the VIENNA CITY MARATHON 2015 from 129 nations. Big winner of the day was the 25 year old Sisay Lemma from Ethiopia who completed the full marathon (42km) with 2:07:31. Sissay only started training when he was 17 years old and ran barefoot at first. His best record was 2:07:06 at the Dubai Marathon in January 2015. His next major target will be qualification for the Rio Olympic marathon 2016.  

 Neuenschwander LemmaA Vienna15

Before the Race:

I hadn’t really trained 2 days before the race to avoid injuries.

My diet included double the usual amount of carbohydrates such as pasta and oven baked potatoes. I avoided fatty, oily foods and things I didn’t try before. On the day we had to be there at 8:30 in the morning, so I woke up an hour before and had my usual breakfast, 2 brown bread toasts with peanut butter, a banana and a strong coffee! I had an energy gel with me ENERGEL from MYPROTEIN which does a great job in boosting you but I lost it on my way….

The Vienna City Marathon was extremely organised. At the starting line everything went smoothly and we started on time!!! The atmosphere was incredible, almost 43000 runners ready to rock Vienna in the sounds of classical music by Mozart… That’s Vienna and we love it!

Special Thanks to my cheerleaders: Khalid, Martin, Antonia and the Ofid cheerleading team!!! :) :)  

I am ready for my next one and hope to see you there also!!!



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