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Jimmy Loves Windsurfing!!! And so do We...

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So who cares if it is usually windy in Larnaca (as it is most of the times), which is the closest beach destination from Nicosia, and you need your ‘sea-therapy', beach activities and adrenaline? Unfortunately yes, it’s usually impossible to waterski in flat water in Larnaca unless it's 7 in the morning or late afternoon. .

However… good news is that we are blessed to live on an amazing island, where you can have so many other options whatever the weather conditions are. And as a matter of fact in that case we loooove windy weather because there is always Windsurfing!!!!!

At one of the most popular windsurfing communities in Larnaca, MARE Windsurf and SUP spot, I went to see a friend and an absolute sea lover… like me!!!

Meet the unstoppable Jimmy Christou...

wind from top

portrait windsf

When you first see him you can tell he is an active kind of guy: you see it in the walk, the styling and of course the year round tan, which really gives him up!

Jimmy started wakeboarding in 1999; he is an amazing snowboarder, and an adrenaline junkie!

Since 2011 he has been hooked on this self-sufficient sport- that needs so much dedication and love,

...On windsurfing!

windsurfing pic closeup

He told me that the addictive part of windsurfing is that every time you go out, the conditions are never the same and this is the real challenge. He compares it to snowboarding as this is also the case …. You never know what to expect.   The learning process of windsurfing is slow in the beginning, and requires dedication and patience, but once you pass the ‘give up line’ it’s the turning point and that’s where the magic starts.

You are on you own, you do it in your own time and pace, and you enjoy your progress every day. He owes this passion of his for this sport to his great and energetic friend George Phantis with the support of Demetris. It’s true that we all need that extra push and motivation to love and get obsessed on a sport.

It’s hard to get bored of windsurfing; the whole experience from arriving at the beach and getting the equipment to sailing in the sea for as long and as much as you want ….

sailing wind 2

It is definitely an incredible full body (and mind) exercise focussing mainly on arms, shoulders, abs and the back.

Don’t forget that you need to be fully prepared of course with the correct outfit to avoid the sunburn in summer days!

For me windsurfing is the best way to enjoy a windy day when you cannot ski. Why not have alternatives since we live on this beautiful island? You don’t need anyone to depend on; just your good mood, and determination.

There is nothing that can’t be fixed by the sea!

winter windsf

The TDay Note: All the outfits, sunglasses and swimwear for almost all kind of outdoor sports can be found at probably the most reputable and ‘funky‘ active shops, located in Nicosia THE THREE SIXTY SHOP- +357 22 465100, 43A Stasinou Street Nicosia. Find them also on Facebook @ Threesixty Street wear store.

The TDay Note2: Stretch, get in the water, grab a board,Knees bent, arms extended, looking where you want to go and just GO!!!!


See you there....


Have a crazy fun TDAY!!!




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