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It is that time of year again; heavy winter is nearly gone (at least in some places of the world), the sun is coming out and the mood is definitely changing!

I literally just realised that I have exactly 20 days left until my second 21k half marathon run in Vienna.

I had a lot going on lately and I haven’t trained as much as I am supposed to. I am feeling a bit stressed and to be honest I started having doubts on whether I should cancel it and not go….

Yesterday on my way to the airport to travel back to Vienna, I bought the latest issue of RUNNERS WORLD and reading through it I remembered why I should definitely not cancel my run.

So what is it about a runner running the marathon? Coming first? No of course not! The reality of the marathon is that you will train hard for months for an event that takes place on one single day, for a couple of hours. What if, that day is not your best day and fail your desirable finishing time? It doesn’t matter. I read ‘Don’t Base your Happiness on your finishing Time’ and I couldn’t agree more.  

Completing a marathon is all about winning a bet with yourself, overcome your usual capabilities, your strengths, your inner power, your body AND mind tolerance, feel the sense of competition, reach the highest level of self -satisfaction and adrenaline rush. I will never forget what I felt on the finish line last year (Article -THE VIENNA CITY MARATHON 2015 I cried happy tears even though I was in real pain. I was so proud of myself for being part of that percentage of people in the world who had done that too. 100% all worth it!!!!

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I am starting a training program today: my aim is to start with an easy 5K run for the next few days to let my body and heart adjust and continue with longer distances through the month .

me run train

me danube

The TDAY Tips:

  • Shoes: I am hooked on ASICS Gel Kayano 21. If you buy new shoes wear them on at least one 8km run at marathon pace to test whether you're likely to develop blisters or get sore feet–before it's too late. If the shoes bother you on this run, get yourself another pair.
  •  Clothing: Please don't run the marathon in a cotton T-shirt, even if it's for  charity. You'll run so much easier in real running clothes, such as those made of Coolmax or nylon, than in a suffocating T-shirt."
  • Diet: Carbo-load, don't fat-load."During the last three days, concentrate on eating carbohydrate-rich foods, such as pasta, potatoes, bread, fruit and fruit juice, low-fat milk and yogurt, low-fat treats, andsports drinks, It's the carbs, after all, not fat or protein, that will fuel you on race day.

Here are some of the upcoming Marathon dates near me:

  • Wimbledon Half Marathon – April 3rd 2016
  • Limassol Marathon – April 10th 2016
  • Vienna City Marathon – April 10th 2016
  • Health Race Antiparos Greece – June 18th 2016 (24.4km and 10km)
  • Spetses Mini Marathon 25k island round – October 9th 2016

Inner strength, clear mind and self-satisfaction and all are very important indeed but as well as fit legs and arms, amazing abs and glutes that running gives you is all together a perfect combo! Goes without saying of course that is the best and cheapest psychologist in the world! :) 

love running

P.S Music is super important for motivation. Whatever makes your soul happy…im currently listening to HYMN for the Weekend by Coldplay x Hymn for the Weekend

Change your life your body and mind you can!! xxx 


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