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Pop Obsession -Introducing POP PILATES with Mariana Rodriguez

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The first reaction when I first heard the name POP Pilates- yeeeeiii fun Pilates. When the instructor is a steamy Latino...Hola triple yeeeiiii...

Well, I have always liked and believed in Pilates. Let's be honest, it is an amazing workout ,extremely effective and targets deeper muscle groups that are hard to target alone at the gym. It sculpts the body, excellent for a correct and proper pose of the body, low intensity and suitable for almost all.

However, personally I am more of an adrenaline, endorphin rush, high heart rate, sweaty and loud kind of person when it comes to working out. And for those who know me and as per my previous articles the last few years I focused on running and my ultimate favorite sport and workout (except water skiing of course) ... indoor cycling!!

Indoor cycling, other than giving me a natural high, is a full body workout, with lots of sweat, pumps up your heart rate, excellent cardio, strengthening and most of all it is FUN! Of course not all indoor cycling classes are fun… but I am lucky enough to have found the best one in Vienna, SuperCycle, who provided all of the above under one roof, and I am even luckier to be part of the awesome team as one of the instructors. (Will get back about SuperCycle in my next article with more details)

SUPER CYCLE Vienna is where I met Marianna Rodrigues…. A tiny, loud, and very sporty Latino, born in Venezuella and raised in Austria, who is a breath of fresh air, full of positive energy and loves an active life as much as I do.

marianna profile

She was actually my first experience at SuperCycle that made me want to go back. 

marianna bike

Except for her Latino rhythm on the bike and her tough classes at SuperCycle, Mariana is also the first certified trainer to bring POP Pilates® to Vienna.

POP Pilates® is an incredible fusion of ab-sculpting and total body defining moves choreographed to upbeat pop songs. This intense, no equipment, mat-based workout challenges students to rhythmically flow from one exercise to the next, developing a rock solid core while leaving no muscle untouched. This format takes classical Pilates to the next level like you’ve never seen before. While most POP Pilates® moves originate from classical Pilates; the class design, relationship with music, sequencing and reps, differ from reformer classes and traditional mat classes. The fundamentals of breathing, core engagement and powerhouse-based movements are shared. Participants love that each 55 minute class is like a “dance on the mat.''

marianna floor pop pilates

My first experience came as a surprise because as as an instructor of a relevantly high intensity workout I underestimated the power of focusing  on specific muscle groups and the repetitions. This is hard work I must admit. And not boring at all. It requires focusing but the pop backround music helps a lot with the mood. I believe that combining indoor cycling and pop pilates will definetely bring out the absolute result since one benefits the other in terms of posture and muscle streghthening. 

pop pilates marianna 3


marianna floor pop pilates

POP Pilates® was developed by the #1 fitness instructor on YouTube, Cassey Ho of Blogilates.

Cassey has changed the way people think about health and fitness by turning it into a movement based on passion and empowerment. Over 4 million fans all over the world have transformed their bodies and their lives simply by following her method.

Have a taste here: POP PILATES 

pop pilates posture

Marianna is so passionate and devoted which let's her to guide you through, she is very good in explaining and very motivating. 55 minutes of targeted workout with good music and lots of sweat! That is Awesome…. Thank you so much for introducing me to this…My strong abs will thank you later :)

Keep doing what you’re doing! You are doing it well!!!! We need passionate people like you!!! Xxx

SEE YOU ON THE MAT...... My teacher is better than yours...... 

marianna and me pop pilates

 me and m 2

The TDAY Note: Mariana uses Instagram as a platform to positively empower and motivate people to have a healthier and balanced lifestyle. Lots of photos and videos to keep that motivation going!!! Follow and contact her for more info at: 

INSTAGRAM: @maryslifeadventure_

EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In Vienna POP Pilates classes take place at Super Cycle Studio: 


Single group classes of 55 min

Monday and Thursday 9.00 am

Saturday and Sunday 12.45pm

Private Personal training Each private training consist of 60 min and it is tailored to the needs and goals of the client.






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