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Drepani Waterski Resort - Poros

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Since I have mentioned my love for water skiing, I couldn’t but dedicate my first article to this sport, and to a couple that I truly admire and who I dare to say have possibly turned this love of mine for water skiing into an obsession!

The first time I visited Drepani water ski resort was on my own in June 2008, as I had heard about a clubhouse in Poros Island in Greece that had a slalom course and did intensive lessons. I desperately wanted to improve my skiing skills and as the slalom course is on a lake it meant that waves were not an issue and so we could practise as much as we want.

I was a bit afraid that I was traveling alone and that I was going to be bored so I only booked for 2 nights!! Big mistake!!! J

I arrived to Drepani in Poros and I couldn’t believe that this place even existed ; it has one of the most beautiful sceneries I have ever seen, the most friendly environment and nicest people I have ever met. Needless to say that for the next 3 years I was there every single summer!!!

My last visit was in November 2014. YES for some winter action!!! Drepani is open all year round. That is the best part…..for the brave ones on a sunny day in December, you can enjoy a ride without a wet suit!

Drepani Photo 4 Marianna Skiing

Drepani is owned by Sotiris Kyprios, 3 times European Champion and his wife Marianna Konti National Champion together with their 4 kids. The oldest son Sotiris Kyprios is also a European Champion.They are all passionate about what they do, are very well-known and respected skiers globally.

As they both said referring to their Clubhouse: ‘Our life dream has finally come true’,  it is worth mentioning that this year they are celebrating their 30 year anniversary!!!  



 boat ride drepani

 drepani picture scenery


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Drepani offers twelve cosy apartments each one equipped with a double bed, a sofa, TV, refrigerator, personal kettle-boiler, and a shaded veranda where you can relax before and after training.Two of the apartments are specially designed for family needs, each one equipped with two bedrooms, one with double bed, one with two twins, a kitchen, and a big living room.



drepani view

How to get there:

From Pireas port in Athens you get the flying dolphin to Poros. When you arrive to Poros you get a small boat (water taxi) for less than a minute to take you opposite to Galatas. From there you get a taxi(very easy) and takes you directly to Drepani Waterki Resort! For Flying dolphin reservations you can call at: +30 22980 23423.

Or by car directrly from the airport since it is located in the mainland- Galatas oposite of Poros

drepani water


The TDay Note: At Drepani Club house you can also do:

  • Water ski: from complete beginners (on ski boom) to competition slalom skiers
  • Three slalom courses (one in Drepani lagoon) 
  • Trick skiing
  • Wakeboard
  • Barefooting
  • Kneeboard and Air Chair
  • Tubes, and an five seat Banana

All you need is positive energy all the rest they have!!! See you there…..

For more information visit: 

Poros map


Have a Lovely TDay!!!

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